Life-Changing Moment For Ethereum (Twitter CEO ALL-IN on ETH?) | 300k Bitcoin Price Prediction

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has just released the ETHEREUM BULLS! Cardano Prediction | Dogecoin News | Bitcoin to 300k.

Outline of video:

Video from Altcoin Daily

0:29​ – Bitcoin’s path to 300k (part 1)
1:08​ – Twitter CEO is using Ethereum to auction off tweets
1:35​ – This could be Ethereum’s most mainstream event ever!
2:10​ – How You Can Make Money by Selling Your Tweets | How To Earn Ethereum For Tweets
5:08​ – Ethereum breaking into mainstream culture in an UNDENIABLE WAY.
6:03​ – Why WOULDN’T Ethereum MOON in 2021?
6:16​ – Ethereum Price Prediction. Comment Below.
6:42​ – Cardano could really take off if this happens.
7:28​ – Bitcoin’s path to 300k (part 2)
8:43​ – Mark Cuban getting people EXCITED about DOGECOIN & CRYPTO!
9:30​ – Gresham’s Law in full effect!
9:43​ – Final Thoughts

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