Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? Will it go to $1M a Coin? We answer that!

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Video Outline:

0:00​ Introduction
0:30​ Too Late to Buy Bitcoin? Will it go to $1M a Coin?
1:00​ Tulips No More
2:00​ Top Phrase:
2:30​ Why People Hesitate Too risky Don’t understand the tech Regulation fears Too difficult to buy FUD stories Not a physical item
3:30​ Hesitation Thoughts Price increased from 3K to 10K – I will wait for dip. 10K to 20K – I will wait for 10K dip 20K to 30K – I will wait for 20K dip 30K to 40K – I will wait for 30K dip 40K to 50K – I will wait for 40K dip 50K to 60K – I will wait for 50K dip…
4:00​ The Simple Plan Remove emotion Buy small regular chunks of bitcoin It is always a good time to buy if you believe that bitcoin has a great long-term future limbic system
5:00​ Will It Pop? Bitcoin is unlikely to burst in the near future Institutional demand is increasing Thus, it’s never too late to buy

6:00​ WARNING: Every investment comes with risks

7:00​ $1000 Steps – 6 Days – $10K
8:00​ Excruciating Funding Delays
9:00​ FOMO #1 Investment rule: If you are feeling FOMO – don’t jump in!
10:00​ What is Driving the Move? $1T asset – gets attention $10T asset – gets everyone’s attention!
11:00​ Bitcoin is valued in FIAT Need to measure Bitcoin differently
11:30​ Is a $500,000 Bitcoin Possible? Or $1M? Let’s find out why.
12:00​ What is US$1M worth in 10 years
13:00​ What Will A $500K Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030? If BTC is worth $500,000 in 2030 – What is true value in future PP terms? Bitcoin, the average return per day is 0.254 percent. Mean annual return: 408.8%
13:45​ What Will A $1M Bitcoin Be Worth in 2030? Bitcoin, the average return per day is 0.254 percent. Mean annual return: 408.8% Say BTC is worth $1M in 2030/ What is true value in future PP terms?
14:00​ I just convinced myself it is possible! A Million Dollar Bitcoin?
15:00​ Conclusion: Don’t Miss the Boat!
16:00​ “It’s ok to be wrong. It’s not ok to stay wrong.” -Old-time Wall Street Trader
17:00​ Conclusion #3 Inflation will avg at least 7% over next 10 years due to increased M2 money supply Denominating Bitcoin in FIAT is misleading A half-million dollar BTC at 7% inflation is only a 16.91% CAGR $1M Bitcoin is 25% CAGR Mean BTC returns are 408%
18:00​ Conclusion #4 $3.5 Billion in treasury purchases triggered a Bitcoin price increase of $30,000. Imagine what a $10 Billion purchase from Apple would unleash? Bitcoin north of $100,000? A Bitcoin Market Cap of $20 trillion ($1 million per bitcoin) no longer seems extreme. It seems probable.
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